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Philosophy Forum: Interminable Blame

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by skultety

Dr. Matt King (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

Nov. 20th, 4pm,

in Bryant 200

 “Interminable Blame”


“This paper examines how to treat the blameworthy over time. It begins with a question: When does someone stop being blameworthy for something? I contrast two answers to this question, that blameworthiness eventually runs out and that blameworthiness never runs out, and argue for the latter. The paper then considers the implications for the interminability of blameworthiness, and I argue that despite being worthy of blame, there are strong moral reasons against interminable blame, though, to some extent, they are reasons of the wrong kind. I also consider what the interminability of blameworthiness might tell us about the nature of blame, proposing a problem for views which understand blame as a kind of sanction.”

The format of this event will be a workshop of Dr. King’s paper.  Requests for an advance copy of the paper can be directed to Dr. Donovan Wishon (  More information about future UM Philosophy Forum events can be found on the department calendar at