in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Graduate Placement Record

Our MA students who have been admitted to PhD philosophy programs with funding:

2018    Aaron Graham           University of Chicago

2018    Chris Becker              University of Florida

2017    Mary Gregg               University of Connecticut

2016    Scott Harkema          Ohio State University

2015    Matthew Willis           University of Cincinnati

2015    Sam Johnson            University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

2014    Richard Martin          Purdue University

2013    Heath Hamilton         King’s College London

2012    Christopher Dyer      University of Iowa

2011    Robert English          University of Illinois-Chicago

2009    Seth Crownover        University College, Cork, Ireland

2008    David Rice                University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

2008    John Spano               Baylor University

2007    Dustin Tune               Rice University

2007    Clifton Bryant            Baylor University

2006    Matt Sokoloski          University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

2006    Jonathan Miles          Bowling Green University

2003    Allan Hillman             Purdue University

2002    Kamper Floyd           University of Kentucky

2002    Joe Ulatowski            University of Utah

2001    Elizabeth Kanon       University of Nebraska

2001    Shawn Fitzgibbons   University of Massachusetts

2000    Cory Wright              University of California-San Diego

1999    Samuel Hughes        University of Connecticut

1997   John Hartung             Syracuse University

1995    Paul Pojman             Indiana University