in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Administrative Deadlines and Forms for Graduate Students

for May graduates

Mid-October (end of 8th week) — Internal Deadline

  • Deadline for 3rd semester students to defend a Long Thesis Option Prospectus and submit a signed “Long Thesis Prospectus Signature Page” to the Graduate Coordinator

Early December (last day of Fall semester) — Internal Deadline

  • Deadline for 3rd semester students to inform Graduate Coordinator of a Short Thesis topic

Mid-February – Graduate School Deadline

  • Deadline to submit applications for May graduation and diploma (form GS8)

Mid-April (end of 12th week) – Internal & Graduate School Deadlines

  • Deadline for students to give a complete draft of thesis to Faculty Committee
  • Deadline for students to notify the Graduate school of a thesis defense two weeks prior to the defense date (form GS7)

Late April (end of 14th week) – Internal Deadline

  • Deadline for students to defend a final draft of thesis in an Oral Examination

Early May(last day of Spring semester) – Graduate School Deadline

  • Deadline for officially submitting (uploading) a properly formatted and finished thesis
  • Deadline for submitting “Report of Final Oral/Written Examination”
  • Deadline for submitting “Thesis Signature Page”
  • Deadline for submitting the “ETD Rights, Permissions, and Contact” Form

Early May (finals week of Spring semester) – Internal Deadline

  • Deadline for graduating students to take the MA assessment exam (no studying allowed!) and to fill out the exit questionnaire


A complete list of dates and step-by-step guidelines for Graduate School deadlines can be found at the following:

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