in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Ashlee Rogers

Ashlee Rodgers

Senior Project Manager at Razor IT Solutions

▸ BA philosophy and psychology, University of Mississippi

“The decision to pursue a philosophy degree from the University of Mississippi was easy. Previously, I had completed my first undergraduate degree in psychology. The glass had not been filled. I took my first philosophy class and was immediately hooked. I began to realize that philosophy is not only incredibly interesting in all of its forms, it serves as a universal foundation for wading through life.

The skills I gained from all of the amazing professors in the Philosophy department have served me in both my everyday life and my career. They taught me to solve complex problems with efficiency and logic. As a project manager for a technology firm, I am responsible for organizing website, social media, digital advertising, and client relationship management (CRM) projects. Many of my CRM projects require intense sessions of data manipulation and breakdowns. The manipulation and breakdown of data often requires use of logic functions to complete – something I would not have expected to use in my career almost a decade later.

Lastly, my experience in the University of Mississippi’s Philosophy program and with its professors encouraged me to continue my education in philosophy. I find myself constantly discovering new philosophers and new ideals to evaluate and study.”