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In the Sontag Archives

Archivist Gloria Gonzalez (B.A. ’11 philosophy) featured in The New YorkerJanuary 30, 2014. An excerpt from Benjamin Moser’s piece:

“I recently went into the recesses of U.C.L.A.’s research library to talk to Gloria Gonzalez, a twenty-four-year-old Mississippian. Gonzalez has found herself at the forefront of the movement to preserve this material since she began, while still a student, to deal with the Sontag archives. As I talked to her, my notes started looking like Sontag’s own, lines of unfamiliar words that defined a world new to me: “bit rot,” “forensic software,” “write blockers.”

“It’s actually not that new,” Gonzalez told me. “People have been using e-mail for twenty years. But it is new to archives. It’s not common for universities to look for this material.”

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