in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

The Great Debate of 2021

Dialogue Initiative: The Great Debate of 2021
Thursday, November 11, 2021
5:30 – 7:30 pm

*CLICK HERE to view the recorded version of The Great Debate of 2021

Each year, students from the UM Ethics Bowl Team address a difficult question and debate the issues for an audience of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and all members of the community.

This year, given the high profile debate about vaccinations across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic, the students chose a topic to address the question:
“Should patents be waived on Covid-19 vaccines to increase global vaccination rates?”

The two teams, which consisted of students and alumni, presented an array of arguments addressing the resolution question, the Judges’ questions, Q & A and discussion from the audience.  Through the clear presentation of claims and civil dialogue, the debate demonstrated how to make progress on thorny ethical and political questions in our society.

Sponsored By:
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hume Bryant Chair of Ethics
The Department of Philosophy and Religion