in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Undergraduate Philosophy Program

For undergraduates, the Department of Philosophy and Religion offers a major in philosophy and a major in philosophy with an emphasis in religion, both of which culminate in a B.A. degree; we also offer a minor in philosophy as well as a minor in ethics and values.

Whether you take one course or several, the undergraduate philosophy program at the University of Mississippi offers the chance to develop reasoning skills that will prepare you for advanced work in philosophy or any number of other professions.  Indeed, not only have our undergraduates matriculated to respected Ph.D. programs in philosophy, but they have been admitted to prestigious law schools, medical schools, and highly respected seminaries.

Philosophy is a particularly good choice as a second major for students in mathematics, sciences, and pre-professional programs who wish to explore topics in the humanities in a way that focuses upon arguments and analysis.  Philosophy majors consistently outperform their peers on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and they consistently outscore all other humanities majors on the LSAT.