in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Why Study Philosophy at the University of Mississippi?

Lisa Rounseville received her M.A. degree in August 1996. While she was a student, her web page contained the following observations about the department.

One of the things I like best about the graduate program here is the atmosphere: everyone takes ideas seriously, but not themselves. You won’t find any bored, ivory-tower types–philosophy is an integral part of life, not coldly intellectual gymnastics. The professors have an attitude of sharing a common search with us instead of being oracles imparting their wisdom from on high.

There is more cooperation than competition among the graduate students. We often study together, and it is quite common to find an article or book in your box that someone ran across and thought would help or interest you. Humor plays quite an important role in these parts. Just when you think a philosophical joke has run its course, up pops a new permutation. We think there should be a new admission requirement: each applicant must submit a list of “The Top Ten Reasons to Study Philosophy.” Are you game?