in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy Events

The Philosophy Forum Series

Several times each semester, distinguished philosophers from around the country are brought to the Oxford campus to discuss their work in progress, debate philosophical theses, and participate in major conferences.


The Dialogue Initiative

Each day and with nearly every conversation, one sees either unwillingness or lack of skill in how to engage in productive, civil dialogue about issues that matter. The Department of Philosophy and Religion has long trained students in how to approach, analyze, and discuss the most contentious issues ranging from questions of personal religious belief to ethical practice and living to social policy implementation. Many alumni from our department have applied these skills in unique ways to various areas of specialization, and we see them as a unique resource for our current students and the community. Our range of Dialogue Initiative events provide an educational resource for such specialized content as well as models offered by current UM students for how to engage in civil conversations about the most contentious issues of our time.


The Dunbar Lectures in Philosophy and Law

We often come across discussions of policy-related issues in law, and are familiar with specific laws being cited in particular court cases.  But we rarely take the time to ask basic questions, such as “What is law?”  The Dunbar Lectures in Philosophy and Law invites nationally renowned public intellectual to the University of Mississippi campus to explore philosophical themes in law.