in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Program for an Accelerated Advanced Degree (PAAD)

Earn a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy in Five years!


In/after your JUNIOR year (after 90 credit hours w/3.0 GPA)

Note: Students are allowed to apply to the PAAD program as soon as they have earned 90 credit hours (with a GPA of 3.0).  However, the PAAD program is best suited for students who have earned at least 102 credits before the start of their senior year (i.e. students who only need to earn 18 hours of undergraduate credit to reach the 120-hour minimum during their senior year)

(1) email the Philosophy Graduate Program Coordinator, Donovan Wishon (, the following information:

a) an unofficial copy of your transcript that shows at least 90 credit hours earned

b) a list of all the philosophy courses you have taken, along with the grade you received in each class

c) a brief, one-paragraph description of what you hope to achieve in the Philosophy PAAD program

(2) if you are approved for the PAAD Philosophy program, set up a special advising appointment with the Chair of Philosophy and Religion, Steven Skultety (


In your SENIOR year

(1) finish all requirements for receiving a BA in Philosophy

(2) In your Fall schedule, incorporate 6 hours of 500 level Phil classes

(3) In your Spring schedule, incorporate 6 hours of 500 level Phil classes

(4) By March 15th of the Spring semester, apply to the Graduate School to be a full time MA Philosophy student:


note: PAAD students who have performed well during their senior year may apply for a competitive graduate funding package that includes a 100% tuition waiver and a TA stipend for the Masters/fifth year


In your MASTERS/FIFTH year

(1) For your Fall schedule, take 9 hours of 600-level classes; students writing a graduate thesis should take 6 hours of 600-level classes and 3 hours of Phil 697 Thesis.

(2) For your Spring schedule, take 9 hours of 600-level classes

(3) Graduate with a BA and MA in philosophy!