in the Department of Philosophy and Religion

Ethics Bowl

The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl gives students a chance to enter an academic competition that combines excitement and fun with an educationally valuable experience in the areas of practical and professional ethics.  Hundreds of students and teams across the United States and Canada compete in 11 competitions each fall. The teams argue and defend their moral assessment of some of the most troubling and complex ethical issues facing society today. Questions address a wide array of topics in business and professional ethics, in personal relationships, and in social and political affairs.  Information about the history of official Ethics Bowl competitions can be found here.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion is proud to organize and sponsor an University of Mississippi Ethics Bowl team each year.  UM students from a number of different disciplines meet for a weekly ethics bowl practice, and then head to regional (and maybe even national!) competitions.  The Ethics Bowl team also conducts an annual “Great Debate” for the public to highlight how controversial topics can be discussed and debated in a civil way.

Students interested in joining the UM Ethics Bowl team should contact Dr. Deborah Mower.


Testimonials from Former Students

“As a senior helping to co-found the Ethics Bowl team, I sometimes wondered why I had committed to such a time consuming activity in the midst of writing my thesis and preparing to graduate. Looking back, Ethics Bowl formed some of my fondest memories of undergrad. From travel to practices to the competitions themselves, Ethics Bowl creates a bond between its participants in a way that few other student organizations do. I became a better leader and a better teammate. In addition, my public speaking, researching, and writing skills were all improved by the practice that I got in Ethics Bowl. As a first year law student writing my first memo, I was struck by how closely legal writing resembles the argument form of an Ethics Bowl debate. Exposure to problems and viewpoints that caused me to think deeply about what I believe is ethical and to evaluate and see benefit and reason in arguments that I would normally write off also helped to develop tools that I now use regularly in law school. Ethics Bowl will benefit you in ways that you couldn’t possibly foresee, and it’s a fantastic experience, to boot. If you are considering joining, don’t think twice. It will be an experience that makes you a more competent students, and even a better person. Plus, you will get to visit some really cool places in the process. I really can’t say enough about being a member of the University of Mississippi Ethics Bowl team. Good luck to this year’s team!”    Alicia Dixon (class of 2017)